1st TTBG 2018
1st TTBG 2018


"Quality Beer Deserves a Star"

What is TTBG?

Tasting Trendies Beer Guide (TTBG) is a beer industry's evaluation guide that rates beer by the number of stars. The novelty is that the jury are called [TTBG Inspector] who has been well-trained by Mr. Tomy FONG, a renowned international beer judge in Asia, by taking the professional TTBG Inspector Program. The results will be more pertinent. All the beer will be blind tasted by his students seriously in terms of fairness and all the results have been audited to avoid mistake.


Our mission is create a guide book for users as a reference, especially for newcomers they have difficulty to pick up what they want because they don’t know much about craft beer, also confused by messy labels and so many different beer styles.


TTBG Inspector

TTBG 001


Ivan Sean



Director of

iSake Hong Kong

Founder of Washu Fes Hong Kong

TTBG 002


TT Co-founder

TTBG 003

Eddie Nara

Spirit Educator & Consultant

Barrel Concepts

TTBG 004

Alvin Lam


Prime House


TTBG 005

Dayton So

TTBG 006

Andy Fung

TTBG 007

Hays Wan

Logistics Manager

TTBG 008


Documentary Photography
Travel Expert

TTBG 009

Chris Yung

TTBG 010

William Wu


TTBG 011

Lisa Cheung

Co-founder of 211 Foundation
Management of Personal Retail Wealth & Enterprise Financial in Asia-Pacific of a Global Financial Institution

TTBG 012

Isabella Lai

TTBG 013

Veron Chan


Wine Discovery Co.

TTBG 014

Karen Yau

Senior Wine Consultant

WineLink Brothers

TTBG 015

Paul Wong

TTBG 016

Duo Chan

TTBG 017

Yim Ho Cheng

TTBG 018

Lydia Chan

TTBG 019

Jessica Fung

TTBG 020

Trevor Tan

TTBG 021

Herlry Wan

TTBG 022

Ben Tse

TTBG 023

Pierre Chan

TTBG 024

Ho Tak Chu

TTBG 025

Chris Chow

TTBG 026

Mike Yiu

TTBG 027

Jeffrey Au Yeung

TTBG 028

Jeff Tse

TTBG 029

Flora Ng

TTBG 030

Derek Lee

Chief Design Officer

Prime House Enterprise Ltd

TTBG 031

Cindy Cheung

TTBG 034

Jessie Kwok

TTBG 035

Tony Hon

TTBG 037

Tommy Shiu

TTBG 038

Anthony Lee

TTBG 039

Winus Tse

TTBG 040

Middle Chung

TTBG 041

Liza Ding

TTBG 042

Blueky Wong

TTBG 044

Blanca Wong

TTBG 045

Karen Cheung

TTBG 046

Ricky Tang

Became a Beer Inspector doesn't mean you will be a beer judge. But. . . You can learn how to taste craft beer like an international beer judge. Challenge your taste buds. The "Star" beer you personally selected will be well known and you will know a group of like-minded people.


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